This year’s Conference is kindly hosted by Nigel Huddleston MP.

The theme for this year’s Conference is Confidence & Trust.

There will be three panel sessions and keynote speeches and presentations throughout the day.

Panel session 1

Content regulation and standards

There has been a significant recent increase in debate around who should bear responsibility online, and how this can be regulated effective, particularly without stifling the freedom and accessibility of the internet. Whilst the internet is often described as a “powerful force for good”, this is frequently counterbalanced with calls for increased regulation. There is a clear need to find the right balance, and this is the core aim of the Government’s Digital Charter.

Harnessing this potential whilst ensuring that illegal content is tackled online is key, though distinctions around what should and should not be hosted online get ever more challenging when dealing with harmful material, and the possible unintended consequences of legislation are seemingly endless, as seen in the backlash around the European Commission’s plans to boost Copyright protection online.

Panel session 2

Promoting and maintaining trust in networks

The UK is leading digital economy and our reliance on the Internet means there is a strong need to demonstrate trust and confidence. Ensuring and maintaining confidence and trust on the infrastructure and services is at the heart of good cyber security practices. Users need to know that the networks that provide critical everyday activities and services are safe and secure. This is made more challenging as online threats and attacks continue to evolve and develop as the Internet and data becomes more pervasive.

This part of the agenda will focus on how industry is maintaining trust and confidence in the Internet; the steps taken to protect people and they steps they can take; the role of law enforcement in policing and prosecuting the online space; is the Government doing enough through its strategy; and will pose the question is there a danger of an erosion of trust and confidence in the Internet because of cyber security.

Panel session 3

New technologies

Britain is currently established as a leading hub of new technologies and, more broadly, the tech industry plays a pivotal role in bolstering the UK’s position as a competitive global economy. With Brexit on the horizon, it is important that a strategy is developed to cement the UK’s reputation as an attractive place to do business and to ensure that tech innovation and investment continues on the same trajectory. The Government has an avowed interest in the development of new tech, such as Artificial Intelligence, in Britain as it entails, amongst other things, potential breakthroughs in medical care, solutions to infrastructural problems and improvements to quality of life across society. However, the widespread adoption of such technology comes with certain risks and, as such, must be preceded by strong ethical and security provisions. Following the Industrial Strategy announcements at the end of 2017, this panel will discuss what progress and policies are still needed to enable the UK to take full advantage of the benefits entailed by new technologies and to mitigate the associated dangers.

The Conference is run by ISPA UK, the UK’s Trade Association for providers of internet services.

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